is a performing arts collective dedicated to creating and curating live pop-up theatrical experiences led by all female teams. We aim to empower women by showcasing female voices and transforming the traditional model of theater into unique, pop-up, pro-socially minded theatrical productions. We develop exciting new platforms for the emerging voices of female-identifying artists and creatives in Los Angeles.



We are a city that has culture, resources and an abundance of talent all in one place. We want to make live performance and theater a more well-regarded and accessible art form in Los Angeles. We believe the way to do this is by cracking the traditional theater mold and pushing the constraints of what live theater is becoming in the digital age.

What Does "Pop-Up” Mean?

“Pop up performance” is the rising cultural phenomenon of live, interactive and immersive gatherings such as escape rooms, productions like “Sleep No More”, and Coachella-like festivals. The communal experience of attending a live performance is not dying, in fact, quite the opposite. Audiences are more enthusiastic than ever to attend meaningful, engaging live performances. By meeting this demand, we are inviting a new generation of young theater goers to experience live performances that are accessible, inspiring, current and cool.



Wtw dinner & performance

By Annabel Graham

hello privilege

By Jagger Waters

she nyc arts

In Conversation with Danielle DeMatteo & Emily Rellis


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To learn more about programs we are supporting, check out Planned Parenthood Peer Advocates & Meet Bridget