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Why Now?

What does love mean if we don’t feel whole without it? We’ve all been shaken by a breakup. As women, though, the history of female identity being inextricably linked to association with a man is in our DNA. For JONI, as for many of us who are female identifying, this - a story of a breakup -is a second coming of age. FILL is a story of individuation in a society where women are taught they are not and will never be enough. FILL is one woman’s journey to incomplete completeness. In a society selling women that are worth 70% of what a man is worth till the day they die, FILL is a story at the intersection between losing something you think you need and finding something you didn’t know you had. To exist alone in the united states is difficult for a woman, to exist alone is difficult period. To exist in a world where facts are alternative, global warming is a debate and women aren’t necessarily given the right to choose re-frames whether loss of exterior presence isn’t as necessary as gain. How to balance? How to trust oneself when not even one’s country does? How do we the women of the 21st century work to gaze at our enculturation with fearlessness, humor and prowess? In FILL, Del Rosso pits the fervor-whirlwind of displacement against the possibility that a woman, alone, cannot just be “okay,” they can be...



We the Women is a performing arts collective

founded by Samantha Ressler and Nathalie Love in 2016. The collective aims to empower and support women by showcasing, creating, and promoting the work of women in the arts in addition to raising money in support of women’s issues within the LA community. By producing live content written, directed, acted, and produced by female content creators, We the Women unites the diverse and talented female voices of our community by presenting female focused content through the live theater experience.