We the Women is a performing arts collective

founded by Samantha Ressler and Nathalie Love in 2017. The collective aims to empower and support women by showcasing, creating, and promoting the work of women in the arts in addition to raising money in support of women’s issues within the LA community. By producing live content written, directed, acted, and produced by female content creators, We the Women unites the diverse and talented female voices of our community by presenting female focused content through the live theater experience.



If you have enjoyed our past shows and want to see more please donate above. It is with your support that we can continue to support our artists and further our mission to create a platform for women in the performing arts, and to educate and bring awareness to female focused social issues.

To learn more about programs we are supporting, check out Planned Parenthood Peer Advocates & Meet Bridget


Recently, We The Women put on a production of FILL FILL FILL FILL FILL FILL FILL written by Steph Del Rosso and directed by Kate Bergstorm.

Fill Flyer Instagram.jpg

A portion of the proceeds from this play went to both Planned Parenthood Peer Advocates & Meet Bridget.

We had the pleasure of inviting some of the students benefiting from these organizations to sit in the audience.

"I enjoyed the play because it embodied passion, humor, and encouragement for young women like me to change the narrative and direction of their life. It brought to light that you thrive and learn more about yourself when you’re put into the unknown and unexpected." - Cara Rosenberg, Student

"FILL FILL FILL FILL FILL was authentic, funny, and eye-opening. Being in a previous relationship similar to Joni's, seeing this play reminded me that it's important to know your self-worth rather than seeking that validation from your partner. I really hope We The Women puts on more plays like this one!" -Ashley Conanan, Student