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 Joni is single. Joni is lost. Joni is moving a mile a minute. Joni must never be alone. After her five-year relationship ends, Joni must redefine her identity—and fast. Through strangers and friends, cheese plates and gameshows, she embarks on a madcap journey to carve out a space for herself in a world that won’t quite let her. FILL FILL FILL FILL FILL FILL FILL is a comedy about how we see and value women—and how we don’t.


We The Women Collective is donating 150 seats per show to students from Planned Parenthood’s Peer Advocate Program & Meet Bridget. If you are unable to attend the show, or when you buy your own ticket,  please consider supporting a student and purchasing their ticket by donating above. To learn more about programs we are supporting, check out Planned Parenthood Peer Advocates & Meet Bridget



We the Women is a performing arts collective

founded by Samantha Ressler and Nathalie Love in 2016. The collective aims to empower and support women by showcasing, creating, and promoting the work of women in the arts in addition to raising money in support of women’s issues within the LA community. By producing live content written, directed, acted, and produced by female content creators, We the Women unites the diverse and talented female voices of our community by presenting female focused content through the live theater experience.