Our Team

Meet the team that keeps We The Women running, and the artists who have collaborated with us!


Nathalie Love

Nathalie is the Co-Founder of We The Women. A Los Angeles native, Nathalie attended Bennington College, New School University, and graduated from William Esper studio in NYC. Nathalie created We The Women to foster community in Los Angeles through theater and to create a platform for women in the arts. 
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Samantha Ressler

Samantha is the Co-Founder of We The Women. A Los Angeles native, Brown Graduate and avid-theater lover, Samantha created We The Women as a platform to showcase the kind of work women in Los Angeles deserve to be doing

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Jagger Waters


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Victoria Fayad

Founding Member, Producer & Photographer

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Caroline Edwards

Producer & Creative Executive

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Sophie Balaban

Social Media Director, Actor, Writer, Director

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Bess Kalb

Creative Consultant, Writer

Artist Collaborations

Alina Perkins / Artist, Set Designer 

Anna Ziegler / Playwright

Annabel Graham / Writer

Armen Weitzman / Actor

Ashley Khakshouri / Producer

Bechir Sylvain / Actor

Bridger Winegar / Writer

Carson Meyer / Actor

Chris Candy / Actor

Dakota Solt / Designer, Artist

Emily Heller / Writer, Comic

Garrett Coffey / Actor 

Grant Harrison / Actor

Haim / Musical Group

Jackie Shea / Actor

Jade Cagalawan / Stage Manager 

Jennifer Kim / Actor

Jess Dweck / Writer

Jessica Makinson / Director 

Jessica Tonder / Musician

Jocelyn Richards / Writer

Kate Bergstrom / Director

Kevin Phillips / Actor

Katya Zamolodchikova / Drag Queen, Actor, Comedian

Kirsten Kearse / Director

Kosha Patel / Actor

Laura Watters / Art Curator 

Martha Gehman / Director

Medalion Rahimi / Actor

Megan Amram / Writer

Meghan Czerwinski / Set Designer

Melanie Field / Actor, Singer

Miya Folick / Singer

Molly McNearney / Writer

Nikki Pettus / Graphic Design

Rainey Qaulley / Singer

Sabrina Jalees / Actor, Writer

Sarah Prinz / Choreographer, Dancer

Sarah Butler / Dancer

Sarita Jaccard / Web Design 

Scout Willis / Singer

Steph Del Rosso / Playwright 

Tyne Rafaeli / Director 

Will Greenberg / Actor